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Subsidize One Reservation dog or cat for Mange Treatment.

Subsidize One Reservation dog or cat for Vaccinations.

Subsidize One Reservation dog or cat for Spay/Neuter Surgery.

Subsidize Two Reservation dogs or cats for Spay/Neuter Surgery.

Vaccination Club - Fully subsidizes vaccinations for one new dog or cat per month per year.

Spay/Neuter Club - Fully subsidizes one spay/neuter surgery per month for a dog or cat for one year.

Feral Cat Club - Allows Plateauland to spay/neuter and vaccinate a feral cat colony in a community in need.

Clinic For A Day Club - Sponsors Plateauland's mobile unit for a full day's operation on the Reservation.

Open Donation - Help us in any way you'd like.

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